Nic Cecire

Nic Cecire is an in-demand drummer and educator based in Sydney. His long list of diverse performing and recording credits includes:

Wendy Mathews, The Whitlams, Jenny Morris, Doug Parkinson, Boy George/Culture Club, Glenn Shorrock, Grace Knight, Rhonda Birchmore and Christine Anu.

Tina Harrod, Lily Dior, Trish Delaney Brown, Kristen Berardi, Virna Sanzone, Nicky Crayson, Jade MacRae, Daryl Aberhart and Jo Fabro.

Phillip Johnston and The Coolerators, the catholics, Tim Rollinson, Steve Hunter trio, Mike Nock, Greg Coffin trio, Leonie Cohen trio, Darren Heinrich Trio, Jeremy Sawkins, Adam Miller, Dave MacRae, Michael Griffin quartet, Ray Aldridge, Monsieur Camembert and Baby et Lulu, The Sonic Mayhem Orchestra, The Dan Barnett Big Band, Sydney Jazz Orchestra, The Greasy Chicken Orchestra and the Dave Panichi Big Band.

Recent recordings include ‘Diggin’ Bones’ The Coolerators, ‘Nitty Gritty’ Tim Rollinson, ‘The Adventures of Prince Achmed’ Phillip Johnston,  ‘Early Shift At Charles De Gaul’ Tactics, ‘Quirks’ Steve Arie, ‘Feel Free’ Liam Burrows, ‘The Game’ Trish Delaney Brown Quintet and ‘Same Skin’ Amy Vee.