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“This is an unusual and charming album. After 30 years of being known as a bass player, Steve Arie emerges here as an alto saxophonist. His quartet features two frontline instruments only: himself and Paul Cutlan, who, despite his virtuosic command of the whole saxophone/clarinet family, plays only bass clarinet. A rhythm section of double bass (Abel Cross) and drums (Nic Cecire) functions without a chordal instrument. This is modern jazz pared back to its essentials. Still, Arie’s 12 compositions are full of attractive musical ideas, and interactions between the alto and bass clarinet, often in collective improvisation, are beautiful to hear. The improvisations are a delight, and the excellent rhythm section grooves, even at an energy level of subtle chamber music. The cumulative effect of this highly enjoyable album, full of melodic beauty, is that it invokes the feeling that all is well”. Eric Myers, The Australian, May 16, 2020.